is a NYC based education program, designed by a professional educator and a career musician/songwriter, that teaches the craft and art of songwriting with a higher purpose of developing social and self awareness.

Rhythm, melody and harmony become metaphors through which to achieve greater awareness of empathy, community, self and culture.

The lyric-writing component of songwriting provides a uniquely engaging platform for the development of a deeper understanding of language and the versatility of expression it can command. Attention is also placed on the value of being a unique individual within the context of a group, along with the ability to maintain one’s individuality and independent thought while cooperating with and contributing to the larger groups that comprise society whether local or global. This collaborative songwriting program is facilitated by a professional songwriter who leads the class in the discovery of ideas and the formation of those ideas into songs.

The ancients pondered consciousness deeply and held that the soul was particularly nourished by the applied arts of geometry and music. Through these arts they carefully investigated the relationship between 'the One' and 'the Few'  - The Quadrivium


working together


Songs written in collaboration with students


About the founders

The Bigger Picture. Creativity and self-expression through song lead to a call to action

Mission + Vision

Collaborative work inspires us to create our own songs.

One of the fundamental ways we come to know ourselves as unique individuals is through our interaction with various collections of other people. As we compare and contrast our own gifts and talents against those around us, we can become more clearly defined as the completely unique creation that we really are. The back and forth of collaborative songwriting provides a prime environment for this type of realization. We generate ideas together and then go off as individuals keeping in mind what we've created and thought about together, develop new ideas on our own and bring them back to the group for further development through collaboration.

working independently

Our songs, our stories, ourselves,

our world.

The strongest, most effective communities and groups are comprised of passionate, educated individuals with a strong sense of self, and a capacity not only for creative independent thought, but action as well, andwho understand the power of cooperation. Just as the individual notes of a song come together to create harmony, melody andmeaning we must each allow our unique frequency to resonate proudly as we add it to that which we create collectively.